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Thursday, April 7, 2011

First Entry/Explanation

Over the past year I've been studying a wide variety of political views and systems and re-examining my positions on many issues that were previously concrete.  My views shifted from hard-line National Conservatism to Libertarianism and the evolution of my views has led me to conclusions that do not fit into any established political formula.  I find positions within Nationalism and Libertarianism that I can agree with, and positions within both I do not.  Ergo, I find that a synergy between the two can answer a lot of questions and solve a lot of problems.

I love the Libertarian views on privatization, individual liberties and laissez-faire political approach.  Yet for me the strength, patriotism and moral conservatism of Traditional Nationalism.

Libertarianism advocates an extremely small government (minarchism), but perhaps too small.  Individual freedom should be of the utmost importance, but with that kind of freedom comes a certain responsibility, and with responsibility there must be accountability.  Suffice to say, I believe in the freedom of Libertarianism, but I certainly believe in a moral society.  The structure and organization of Nationalism provides a safeguard for that society. 

Some would probably say that there is a level of contradiction in the melding of the two systems.  This is how I see it: Libertarianism is solely a political system, maybe some bleed over into economics.  Now let's say there are three levels to party politics in today's age-Political, Social/Societal, and Economic.  What I am advocating is the Economic freedom of Libertarianism, the Social/Societal structure and moralism of traditional Conservative Nationalism, and a Political combination of both.

Ideology: National Conservatism, Cultural Conservatism, Social Conservatism, Traditionalism, Libertarian Conservatism, Libertarianism, Economic Liberalism,  State's Rights, Fiscal Conservatism

Political Position: Right
Social Position: Center-Right/Far-Right (aspects of both)